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November 5, 2012
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Marian by roselovehunt Marian by roselovehunt
Name: Marian

Gender: Female

Birthday: May 4

Age: 30

Height: 5'6'

Weight: (Again Shhhhhh!!! XD)

Orientation: Straight (And married!)

Species: Human

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality: Kind and Loving

Powers: Transforming items and animals and can create energy shields and swords.

Job: Magician

Likes: Moonflowers, Her children, light, animals, adventure, and Blake (Her husband)

Dislikes: ???

History: She was born in a small town and she lived a perfect life until an incident happened that made her have these mysterious powers. She set out to find someone that would help her and find out who had given her these mysterious powers. She met the number one ranking assassin known as The Jackal when she was kidnapped by cult members, they joined forces and traveled together. After the year they began to show feelings for each other until someone came to her life and separated them. When giving birth to her children Rose and Thorn she had came down with an illness that was very rare and was slowly dying, when she gave birth to Rose the doctors found out that Thorn was dead but Marian could sense Thorn's soul was still alive within Rose's body. The father disappeared when he had heard the news about the children. She summoned Jack over to her to hear out her last words. She said "Please take my children under your wing and guild them through their lives..." She gave Jack and Locket and a Mirror and told him to hold on to it until the children were ready.

Later over the years when Rose and Thorn finally found a body, when Rose happen to be dating Garrett (lamo123's OC) Garrett wanted to help bring back their mother with his power he opened a portal back in time, he said that if he were to save their mother he would have to sacrifice himself to the illness, Thorn tries to stop him from going in but Garrett jumps through the portal, time had changed and Marian was alive but Garrett had now become ill and was lying down on a bed, after Rose and Thorn reunited with their long lost mother three orbs appeared around Garrett and told them that the only way to cure this illness was to find moonflowers, Marian remembered that there were moonflowers at the place where she and their father had first met, they gathered the flowers and brought them back and cured Garrett from the disease to complete her debt to him for saving her.
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nanostriker1 Jan 14, 2013  Student General Artist
(can we rp i gat a great story held up over here)
Streakthehedgehog2 Dec 21, 2012
(Mind if we do another RP here?)
Streakthehedgehog2 Dec 21, 2012
Karol: *is heading over to thorn's place to see him*
Marian: *Tending at the huge garden near the house while humming a lovely tune*
Streakthehedgehog2 Dec 22, 2012
Karol: *hears and follows the tune* Hello!
Marian: Hm? Oh hello! ^^ *Waves*
Streakthehedgehog2 Dec 23, 2012
Karol: Have you seen thorn?
Marian: Ah yes he's inside. ^^
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drew2319 Dec 21, 2012  Student Writer
Viper: *Lying still, nursing a wound on his tail that's stopping him from growing*
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